Thursday, 23 August 2012


We walked all day and stumbled across temples and catering companies and dogs on bikes. Pollution is a problem, we left Penang 11 days later with sore throats and were pleased to get back into some fresh air! Massive sensory overload! Constantly watching where you walk, holes in the ground
Making up a whole lot of Indian food in big aluminium pots nice..

We arrived in Penang do get our Thai visas and organise our Cruising permit for Indonesia
We parked our dinghy at the end of this historical jetty, It has a pretty cool pic on the side of one of the buildings,
many people stop to take photos of this
Walking around the historical area of Georgetown there are a few arty things on the wall like this one

One of the many temples in Penang
Snake temple, pit viper snakes, that have had their venom removed
The crafty art work in the temples were amazing! A few temples there is no explanation in english about them, so we kind of get bored. Would be nice to know about them.
Monks doing their thing..

Ahhh the sun is lovely says Mr Tortoise

We made our own fun

Didn't have a clue what all this was about.

This is what people put the burning incense in and prey to ??something
While we were in Penang there was a chinese ghost festival on and there were many things happening. people walking down the jettys throwing tiny home made biscuits and individually wrapped lollies into the sea and by everyones houses, all to please the ghosts. There were tables of food, chicken, duck, pig and fruit, and entertainment all for the ghosts.
these sticks burned away day and night

putting on a show to entertain the ghosts

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