Thursday, 22 December 2011


Well Singapore was a great place for taking in all the things we had been deprived of for sooo long! skyscrapers....fancy name a few.
Umbrella is great for stopping us overheating as well as for the afternoon downpours!

We also got a few things for the boat as this part of Malaysia is not so good for getting boat stuff.
There is a hotel and casino in  the building with the boat on it, costs 20bucks just for a view from the top!
If you like your brands then this mall is the place for you, I think it was called marina bay sands, some fancy pants name for a fancy pants mall, nice touch don't you think with the boat going down the river with nice blue water haha
all very la de da
 We also checked out Sentosa Island just off Singapore and went  to the Maritime Museum, which was really cool,  our mate from Belitung in Indonesia has the treasure from a ship wreck he discovered displayed here.
Replica of Bakau Wreck Found 1998 in the Karimata Strait between Sumatra and Borneo
This ship is a replica using traditional methods of the Bakau, the ship wreck was dated to the early 15th century, carrying diverse ceramic cargo from Thailand, China and Vietnam. Personal belongings of the crew were also found such as copper coins, bronze mirrors and even tweezers. This 600 year old ship is the oldest known ship to be equipped with cannons. The ship you see in the picture above was actually sailed to Singapore, the voyage that it once took was recreated I cant remember the route it took..
The boxes on each side of the ship is where the crew do their 'natural business'

Dudley being studious, learning about the many shipwrecks in se asia