Thursday, 22 September 2011

We are leaving Papua New Guinea

hello everyone,
today we received the cruising permit for the boat for Indonesia and cleared customs half an hour later! We were cutting it fine but everything came together in the end.
Full of diesel and water, tomorrow we are on our way to Saumlaki Indonesia, we expect to be there in 10days, maybe less.
Independence day celebrations
So until next time goodbye
Royal Papua Yacht Club
Baikal on her mooring at the yacht club

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Still here. In Port Moresby that is..

For the past 2 Sundays we have been racing out of Royal Papua Yacht Club, we managed to get line honours but due to hadicap we came last. Dudley's hat had a sea burial soon after this photo was taken, while trying to set the spinnaker. After the races easch team gets a free jug of beer between 2, much to our liking! This Sunday Tanya is competing in a double handed yacht race on a dinky wee yacht with Di (pictured below in green t-shirt). 
Dudley being foredeck crew and 'rail meat'

All action as 'Primative Man' come sail close to us

The yachts sailing out of the yacht club, Port Moresby in background
We have been out and about in Baikal to a place called Bootless bay a few miles north of Moresby, Went snorkelling over a wreck of a yacht, beautiful coral. The other wrecks which were purposely sunk were just out of the snorkeller's reach. We kayaked over to Loloata Island resort for a look, in 25+ knots of wind. Dudley was mad keen to get off the boat, what a mission trying to get into the kayaks with the boat rocking and rolling! On the Island we could walk all the way around it and up on to a ridge, Dudley was too busy looking around to notice the tree poking out right at head height and when I turned around to see what all the groaning was about, he was flat on his back!
See Dudley's head where he whacked into a tree.
Lion Island where we anchored and kayaked over to Loloata  island,  where the picture is taken from

Loloata Island    - Lion Island to the left.
 Walking around the Island we came upon a poor tree kangaroo in a cage! His friend had died so he was all alone and looked so sad (cute and cuddly like a teddy bear too)
Tree kangaroo

Well there has been a fair amount of violence happening round here, 2 attacks in the marina (targeted attacks) and one out on anchor where a boat boy got shot, needless to say security has been stepped up a notch and there are guards everywhere and a guard dog - Dudley asked if he could pat the dog, the response was "i dont think thats a good idea" haha. We feel safe enough although last night while watching a movie in our room there was a clatter on the hatch above the bed, I scuttled away and on closer inspection it was thunder rattling things! The lightening looked like people were  flashing their torches! At night we lock ourselves in everything is shut, lucky we have a fan in our room. And now we are anchoring in the marina for a bit, you gotta mix it up not stay in the same place too long. Tonight we are going to watch the All Blacks cain Tonga!!woohooo We have our 'social visas' for Indonesia, and now waiting ever so paitiently for our CAIT (cruising permit for Baikal) we hope it will arrive end of next week then we are outta here !