Thursday, 23 June 2011

The Journey

We managed to walk up Whitsunday peak and this time see a great view over the Islands, Dudley also managed to get internet at the top of the hill.

Hook Island was a fantastic place to snorkel and most of the time we had a bay to ourselves apart from the big batfish who wanted food, whoever said whitsundays is crowded is wrong!Luncheon Bay was quite a spectacular spot. Most of the resorts on the islands have only a few day guests coming and going and not many overnighters.

Luncheon Bay Hook Island

view from Whtsunday Peak of Hamilton Island
What an awesome time we had out at Bait Reef, a few miles north of the Whitsundays, we only stayed for a few hours as the wind was predicted to pick up, but in those fewhours we saw heaps of cool things. Giant clams, first i'd ever seen, and some very friendly fish that sometimes got a bit too close for comfort! The wrasse came right up to me like it wanted a kiss, a very curious fish, Dudley took some good shots, and becasue the water was clear, they turned out real good, It was a spontaneous decision to go out to Bait Reef. We let the mooring go at Luncheon Bay , Hook Island and there was no wind at all, perfect for a day at the reef, so we motored the 16 miles and saw along the way dolphins, big fat brown sea snakes and whales breeching everywhere!! We were concerned that they may cross paths with us and we both had visions of them breeching onto Baikal!! What a magic day!
checking out Baikal's keel
This fella wanted a kiss ...


 After we went snorkelling, Dudley decided I should go up the mast to take a few shots, its a bit hard holding on as the baikal makes jerky movements forward and backwards while trying to not drop the camera!

view from top of mast

bait reef from the top of the mast

dolphins hitching a free ride on the bow
giant clam
Duds rowing me around the reef

 We are now back on the mainland away from the beautiful islands,anchored south of Bowen, by Gloucester Island Death adders slither around  ashore at night, however the campers don't seem to mind ! Dudley thought a death adder was a spider and he was quite keen to go hunting for thm at night, he quickly objected to do this when I told him it was actually a snake!! Hope to move again tomorrow, Dudley has been busy with making some new canvas sides for the cockpit, so will have some photos eventually..