Monday, 2 July 2012

Back in the water and ready to go again!

Dudley just before Baikal slips back in the water

Just about to go in water

Tanya and the boys from Krabi Boat Lagoon

So  here are some photos (for you mum and dad!) of the inside of Baikal, its been a few hectic days in the water, with tidying all the end bits and pieces.
We leave tomorrow for Langkawi, where we will explore the North and then come back here and rock climb, the weather has been really good, but we are not quite sure just how rough it is out there…
We shall see, being the low season in Thailand, there wont be so many tourists around, so it will be quite for when we come back again.
Anyhow we are looking forward to getting back out there!




upper part of head


nav station

nav station

port side bedroom, we have a fan each coz it gets pretty hot

port side saloon, if we get a matress for the top you could sleep up there

saloon we still need to paint the floor

starboard side saloon

starboard side bedroom

the empty space Baikal left on the hard stand, note the new toilet block they are building..