Saturday, 27 August 2011

Port Moresby and surrounds..

Outside Parliament house
 Well We have had a fun time sightseeing with some of the friendly expats living here, we to Parliament House, weren't allowed to take pictures of the inside. There were all these pictures hanging on the wall of the speakers and Elizabeth told us one of the boys in the picture use to be their 'house boy' and he would be forever loosing things and would forget where he put an important piece of paper, needless to say he was only a speaker for 2 months in 1976, still managed to get a big photo of himself on the walls in Paliament!

entrance to parliament house
We read some information on the kokoda trail,

Information on Kokoda trail

On Sunday we went for a drive to Crystal falls with Brian a friendly expat and his family, on the way we stopped off at a bird park and there are some amzing looking birds, the bird of paradise is on the PNG flag.

Bird of Paradise
Papuan Hornbill, you can tell how old he is by the ridges on his beak , hes about 6yrs
This looks like part vulture and part parrot, dont know what they actually are
crystal rapids
Crystal Rapids
Brian and Jacob with us at Crystal rapids
John (Jacobs Dad) and Wari
Dudley tweaking the nipples in the Kokoda motel haha
We have just been out for a week away from Port Moresby and it has been wonderful! The locals on Fisherman Island are lovely and we get left alone which is great. We first stayed the night at a wee island a few miles from moresby and saw a snake and some weird looking rocks with fossils in them..

strange rocks
Fishermans Island has beautiful long stretches of white sand beaches and when the wind is up its good for kiting. The fisherman that live here put long nets out in the morning and at night, the starfish are a result of their bycatch..

They look like nasty things with their spikes

Dudley had his birthday out here, he requested caramel square for his birthday cake..
Baikal in the background, Duds on the kite
Dudley trying to teach the locals how to kite, they faceplanted in the water and loved it!
the colcal kids on Fishermans
Wee boy with his slingshot on Fishermans.
We are back in Port Moresby for a couple of days, watched the rugby at a couple of expats house last night, how disappointing we lost!! Still waiting on our cruising permit for Indonesia, there is a muslim holiday for 1 week so now we have to wait another 3 weeks!!! Hopefully the wind doesnt go away we have over 1000miles to get there, through a whole lot of reef passages..

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