Monday, 29 August 2011

More photos from Louisiades

Heres a collection of photos from Louisiades I thought you might like to see. The turtles in the picture below are actually still alive, these boys were kicking them!
Dying turtles

Trading white sugar with Lina, she would keep coming back over and over again..
Trading popcorn with the boys

The kids make wee outriggers to play with, and race against each other
A village at Moturina Island
The Kids are very comfortable holding their machetes....

'Oh yeah thats the spot' as she scratches her back with the machete!!

At this village they wanted clothes, looks like they already got enough hahaha more than me anyway.
Getting the village tour by the kids

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  1. Hi Guys, love the pics. Good to see you hookng the locals on sugar! What did you trade for the popcorn or was that a peace offering!
    Love Carolyn xo