Saturday, 17 March 2012

Rockclimbing Krabi and Phi Phi Don

Here are some pictures of climbing around the Krabi region, in particular Railey, Tonsai and Phi Phi Don. There are many possibilities for climbing around this region, you can walk to the climbs, take a longtail boat to others and walk through caves before coming out to an opening and climb there. There are many spots for Deep water soloing where you climb overhangs and fall off into deep water. We have yet to do this. There are  over 700 bolted routes, with many hard ones.Climbers are encouraged to stick to bolted routes because of people who harvest the famous birds nests for soup, (a delicacy in China and throughout Asia), may shoot you if you are found to be climbing anywhere near their harvesting areas.In Thailand, this makes alot of money so the harvesting areas are guarded and its all run by the mafia.
Its a very dangerous job being a harvester, there are many deaths per year, they dont have the necessary climbing equipment and they climb up bamboo sticks as you can see in the above picture..

This is a harvesting area, Koh Phi Phi Don

Koh Phi Phi Don

Duds leading

View from climbing at Phi Phi Don, Tonsai Wall.

Tanya stopping for a break

Tonsai Wall

Duds Missioning it up the wall

Beginners wall at Railey, Diamond Cave (Grade 5 - 6b)

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